Orit Schatzman – Jewelry Designer

Meet Orit Schatzman, owner and designer of “Sexy Silver.” Born and raised in Israel, Orit is a talented painter, sculptor and jewelry designer. Orit enjoys traveling and tries to incorporate historic elements such as Greek, Byzantine and other ancient cultures into her work. At the same time, Orit loves fashion and is always on the cutting edge of current trends.The best place to find Orit Schatzman jewelry online, is at Goood.Here are some new pieces.
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Picturesque necklace, Soft motion necklace, Passion gold necklace, Silver brooch, Turquoise necklace, Barcelona silver earrings, Bordeaux silver earrings, Orit & Yaron and finally the picturesque gold earrings. Enjoy enjoy…

Orit’s jewelry reflects her personality – vivid, dramatic and happy. She celebrates color with her special eye for blending beautiful stones and metal. Her creations are all handmade, pure silver, using the electroforming technique, or plated with 24 karat gold settings matched with precious stones and magnificent Swarovsky crystals.

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Testimonial by Peggy Crull

“Hi, I’m Peggy from the US. I’ve been buying jewelry from Goood for the last 2 years. The designs from Orit (Orit Schatzman) are very unique, quality excellent, the prices are reasonable, and the service from Yaron, the owner, is absolutely fantastic. I have recommended it to my friends and family. It’s a great place to buy jewelry.”

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Recently Orit Schatzman’s beautiful jewelry was showcased on an American home shopping program. It was wonderful to meet Orit and to hear her explain some of her inspirations for her one-of-a-kind pieces.

For instance, Orit explained that she gets some of her inspiration from the time she spent in the desert, while serving as an officer in the Israeli Army. She described the unparalleled beauty of a desert sunrise and sunset.

From a childhood vacation by the seashore, Orit remembers gathering sea shells and dreaming of making beautiful jewelry in the colors of the ocean and the sky, with the fluid movement of the waves and the sparkle of the sun on the water.

Orit’s jewelry-making technique, electroform, gives her pieces a wonderful three-dimensional shape, the look and feel of a sculpture. Her pieces feature a glamorous bold look, but they are actually very lightweight and wearable. In fact, her jewelry has been described as unique, comfortable “wearable art.”

Another technique Orit loves to use is “mixed media.” In other words; in a single piece of jewelry she may use a combination of various metals, pearls, beads, crystals and semi precious stones. There is nothing “plain” about any of Orit’s jewelry!

Orit’s style is from nature, organic, freeform in shape and design. She marries the look of ancient culture with modern trends. Many simply say “Orit’s jewelry is not like anything else in your jewelry box; it is alive, sexy.”

Each piece of Orit’s jewelry is handmade, in Israel, by dedicated and well-trained craftsmen. Each stone or bead is hand set, each piece is hand polished. It takes several years of training to master the special art of jewelry making that is Orit Schatzman’s.

When you slip an Orit Schatzman bracelet on your wrist, you are ready for any kind of day, from casual to sophisticated. Her jewelry compliments a simple pair of blue jeans and also looks stunning with the most elaborate evening dress. It is truly versatile jewelry.

(Many thanks to Charlotte, Judy and Susan who helped me write about Orit’s inspirations.)

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